My name is Gillian Flower and I'm the founder of Bristol Community Cafes. I've known great loneliness in my life and it took all my courage to do something about it. I talked my daughter Michelle into joining me and my husband Mark gave up a job he loved to join us too! It was time to ask the people to stand up with us and we haven't sat down yet. Myself, husband and daughter do all the day today work and it's taken over our lives! Together we opened our first Cafe on 26th September 2018. Another one quickly followed. Hundreds of lovely people just like you come through our doors each week and we have so much fun! We're non profit making and volunteer led. We rely on donations to help us keep going. It's time to invest in our future because things will only get worse. Loneliness is a bigger killer than cancer but unlike cancer it can easily be cured with friendship in our lives. We've come a long way in a very short space of time and we have an awful lot more to do yet. Lets hope you'll feel inspired when you look at our website and decide to support us in some way! With you on our team we can give countless more people something to look forward to each week and a jolly good reason to get out of bed in the morning! Right now we're feeling really proud to be British and hope you are too! Why? Because by working together we can cure loneliness and that is something our amazing NHS can't. So many lives were lost fighting wars to give us our freedom. Let's make sure that was not in vain. What's the point of being free if your world is full of loneliness and despair? Let's make everyone's world a better place to live in. Thank you!